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Blog Writing

I'm a wellbeing blogger which means ANYTHING to do with health, fitness, Zero Waste, Sustainability, Healthy Foods, Alternative Medicine, Meditation and so on. It doesn't even need to be positive post, I write from both side of the argument. Whichever side your audience want to read, I will research and write and factual and interesting blog. Contact me to discuss your requirements and for a quote. 

SEO Management

If you have a self hosted website as well as being the business owner, finding time to correct your SEO is near on impossible. Maybe you just have no idea what it is or how to use it but I can promise you, correct SEO is vital to your business website. This is a month subscription and can be mixed in with other services as SEO adapts all the time as we need to keep on top of it to keep your sales coming in! 

Article Writing

Writing articles may just be my favourite, the great thing about blogging is you're allowed to be informal! However, articles need to be pristine and it's quite nice to be a little stick. As well as the research that comes with articles MIND BLOWING. I feel like a pub quiz is in order after some good research! I can take any tone, light hearted, professional, funny etc. Whatever your audience want, I can cater for. Don't worry, I do my own research about you and your readers as well! No pressure!

Content Writing

Advertising, website, documentation, letters; you name it I'll write it (excludes legal documentation). 


A fresh pair of eyes is always a great thing. Also, you're so busy with everything else so you may not have time for proof reading. You can 'smash' out your content send it to me for tweaking, grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. I'll send it back and you're good to go, easy as that. 

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