Relax before it’s too late

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‘Just relax’, ergh such a common thing we all hear when we are having a melt down. So helpful thank you! ggrr. But are we really stressed or just feeling sorry for ourselves because that may just be the problem. Read on to see if i’m describing you below!

‘But this is so stressful’, ‘Because I’m so stressed’ – something you are likely to say today? Interestingly, according to the Mental Health Foundation 2018 Study, 39% of people tested felt so stressed they were unable to cope. Which could be aimed towards retirement age increasing and exponential work ethic expectations. So have we brought this scarily high statistic on ourselves? Are you to blame for your own stress?  If we are, what do we do about it!

Don’t have time to relax! Too busy?

It takes 60 seconds to give your body and mind the moments break it’s craving and you need to make time for this! 

Because everyday living can be stressful. Such as the ‘simple’ commute to and from work. Delayed trains, traffic, road rage all this can push your buttons. Leaving you reaching for a glass of wine before 10am, not an ideal way to start your day. Stress over the years has become the norm. Half of Brits experience stress on a daily basis because of the “always on” work place culture. Leaving us to face a potential ‘stress epidemic’ across the UK in future years.

Emotional Stress and Disease  

Stress increases low mood and studies have now found a link between stress and conditions such as Altzimers, Dimentia, Heart Disease, Mental Health and even Cancer. Such a wide range of conditions stress contributes to, as well as the strain on the NHS. So now is the time to make a change, encourage a life style with a happy and healthy future.  

60 seconds is all you need

Practise this 60 second technique daily and give your body and mind a moment to relax and repair. Allow yourself a new way of thinking and reacting to situations.  Because our minds fuel our emotion, if we focus enough, we could control our stress. There are many opportunities throughout your day where you can use this stress banishing technique. Such as waiting for the bus, brushing your teeth, on your commute, even walking the dog and you will find many more once you get the hang of things. Being able to close your eyes and sit is always a nice touch but not essential. This is a small step in a much bigger world of relaxation. You just need to get started.  

Here goes, welcome to your 60 Second Relaxation Technique. 

  • Stand, Sit or Lay 

  • Close your eyes 

  • Take 3 deep breaths 

  • Begin to mentally label each body part… toes, feet, ankles, knees, thighs… keep going until you reach the top of your head 

  • Now open your eyes and take 3 more breaths 

Done! You have just aided your body into all 3 relaxation categories, Mental, Physical and Transcendental. Because stress causes us to breathe incorrectly we can find it hard to get into the right frame of mind to relax. This technique increases your ability to focus which oxygenates blood and enhances concentration.

Things that usually stress you out can be exhaled away. Your heart is rested and refreshed, your head ache has gone, you’ve aided your digestion and helped your mind chemically balance. So much happens in 60 seconds and you can’t even see it. Trust yourself and your body, relax because these 60 seconds could change your life.  We also use this labelling technique in our stressed article where we expand into thought labelling which is the next step.

Nailed it, what’s next?

If you have time add some calming music, candles, scents, these are things to work towards. For now focus on the 60 seconds relaxation technique. You can move on to the next level once you have mastered this step.  I use an app called Calm for my meditation and they have a section that is purely calming music, so it’s a great place to start. Check it out here.

Good luck, let me know how you get on!

Love always

SJ x